Model of the Year 2014

London 2014

Next event: London Fashion Week at the MILLENNIUM HOTEL

All the contest registrations on this website and by e-mail, Yes Fashion is pleased to announce the final subscription date is pushed back to Sunday, July 20th 10PM 2014.

Yes Fashion wants to bring together fashion with music, performers, models, photographers and inspirational designers from all over the world. Not only through our online presence but through our events and social gatherings!

Yes Fashion is proud to announce its first fashion show in London Fashion week next September.

This Fashion show will be held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Why London

  • Because London is a fashion city gate way.
  • Because London is easily reachable from all over the world (London Heathrow Airport).
  • Because London is a multinational and multicultural city.
  • Because London is the city of the famous 'London Academy of Dressmaking & Design'.
  • Because Yes Fashion joint ventures international companies specialized in fashion distribution, fashion events, and fashion e-commerce operations.

Send your application free of charge

A p p l y   h e r e !


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Please indicate clearly:

  • Your name and family name, country and day of birth.
  • A valid email address.
  • Send three (3) pictures of you.
  • Your measurements.
  • Color of your eyes and hair.

Click here for the application form

  • The application deadline was July 20th 2014.
  • The application is free of charge for every candidate.
  • Yes Fashion will manage the web selection and will communicate online the results in the Yes Fashion Community.
  • After the publication of the selected candidates on the Yes Fashion community, you will be required to visit website and the accept the Yes Fashion "Terms and Conditions" concerning documentation, insurance and privacy within August 1st.

Yes Fashion team will select 50 finalists who will be invited to the final stage of this contest in London and your invitation will include the below.

Your Invitation Includes

  • Air ticket from all over the world (round trip)
  • 4 days at the Millennium Hotel
  • Double room accom-modation full
  • Shuttle service from the Millennium Hotel
  • Catwalk training and choreography

The first, second and third winners will also be nominated as Yes Fashion ambassadors in their respective countries and they will be appointed to promote the Yes Fashion community and events for the year 2015.

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